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Pride's Purge

The new UKIP leadership were ALL either failed Tory candidates or former Conservatives who failed to even become candidates.

UKIP’s new leader Paul Nuttall stood for the Tories in 2002 – and failed:


The chairman of the party Paul Oakden also stood – and failed – as a Tory candidate before he joined UKIP:


The moneybags behind the party – millionaire Arron Banks – was once a Conservative Party backer too – before he realised senior Tories didn’t even know who he was and so decided to give his cash to Nigel Farage instead.

Not only that, but UKIP’s new deputy leader, Peter Whittle, used to be a regular contributor to influential Tory mouthpiece ConservativeHome before he obviously realised he wasn’t posh enough for the Tories to become a candidate and scuttled over to UKIP  to become one for Nigel Farage.

And, of course, we already know UKIP’s new leader Paul…

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