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Source: The upside down world of the people’s party

Wee Ginger Dug

The world has turned upside down. The sun rises in the west. Unionist hate trolls really are just bantering satirically. And the Tories are ahead of Labour in a Scottish opinion poll. The last time that happened rationing was still in force, the Scotsman was still a respected newspaper, and people thought that the BBC news was unbiased.

Mind you, the last time the Tories were ahead of Labour in an opinion poll in Scotland they were actually the largest party in a country which was still in thrall to sectarianism and deference. Scotland has changed, for the better, now the fact that the Tories are doing better than Labour has a lot more to do with how badly Labour is doing than any great rivival in the fortunes of the you’ll-have-had-your-teas. Ruth Davidson might be getting bigged up by the desperate echo chamber of the Scottish mainstream media, but…

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Source: The cancer of the British body politic


Before Christmas I attended an emergency interim appointment with my psychotherapist, (I’m still waiting regular appointments 2 years after referral); this was due to my continuous depression and dissociation becoming dangerous, I was constantly fighting thoughts of suicide . Because the S word was used, my therapist was obliged to write to my GP, which then led to my carer being compelled to inform the DWP of a change in my circumstances; what amazed me was, this reported change resulted in me having to complete a new claim!

Why the DWP feel a deterioration in mental health would be helped by having to go through the process of a new claim I’ve no idea? Anyway my carer duly filled in the form, and on page 31, other information, he stated HE was both my full time carer and would be acting as my representative, this was then sent off along with the…

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The Better Together Tax

Source: The Better Together Tax

Source: The Better Together Tax

Source: Inveterate liar tells the truth

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