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The problem child

Source: The problem child

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:

We need to talk about our problem child. The media in Scotland is suffering from a strange form of mass psychosis. It’s like the witch hysteria of the 17th century, only it involves screaming about the SNP. The same publications which denounce Jeremy Corbyn for being so left wing that even Lenin would consider him to be a dangerous extremist are in paroxysms of huffiness that the SNP isn’t left wing enough. Oooh, get them, say the papers about SNP MPs, they don’t all wear sackcloth and whip themselves in sympathy with the struggles of Palestine while donating all their money to refugee charities. This being one of the few instances in which most of the papers use the word refugee, more typically they use phrases like illegal immigrants with HIV coming over here to steal your places in bus queues so they can go and rape a pensioner’s pug.

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Source: News from the place to the north of the North

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:

Jezza came to Scotland this week, and vowed to restore his moribund party’s fortunes with some dour activities. Labour’s going to counter the joyful positivity of Scotland’s Yes campaign by being miserable, although Johann Lamont already tried that and it didn’t do her much good. Cheery and Johann are two concepts which are usually only found in the same sentence if there’s also a negative in there too, like that one. It’s not clear what Jezza meant by the phrase dour activities, perhaps he thought it sounded couthy and Scottish, but it has been Labour’s propensity for dour activities like wasp chewing and having Gaunie No Dae That Jist Gaunie No as its catch phrase that got it into its current mess in the first place. Perhaps Jezza thinks that the party can be revived with a pep talk from the Rev IM Jolly. People will really flock back home…

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Source: Great British Weapons of Mass Destruction

Burning down the Labour party

Source: Burning down the Labour party

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:

Despite having a poseur streak a mile and a half wide, and a large collection of vintage suits, I don’t care what Jezza wears. I don’t care if he wears a tie, I don’t care if he does up his top shirt button. It’s the content that matters, not the packaging. Scotland was expecting the delivery of a socialist package from Jezza, we didn’t mind what the wrapping was like.

We thought Jeremy Corbyn with his white beard was the socialist Santa, he was going to deliver all sorts of goodies for the good boys and girls who, despite the frequent disappointments, really believed in the pot-holed Great British Parliamentary Road to Socialism.

And after all the excitement, after all the hype, and us waiting up all night like weans expecting a prezzie, we tear off the recycled wrapping to discover that Jezza has given Scotland Ian Murray – the…

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