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Source: Great British double standards

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:

There are two kinds of people in the United Kingdom. There are those who divide people into two kinds of people, and there are those who don’t. If you’re one of the former you can also divide people in the United Kingdom into two kinds, those who are allowed to level accusations of Nazi behaviour at members of the Labour party, and those who are not. It’s a bit like terrorism really. You’re only a terrorist if you have a brown skin or are of a left wing or independentist persuasion. If you’re white and have far right wing views – you know, an actual Nazi – then you’re not a terrorist, you’re just an extremist like the not-terrorist who shot up the family planning clinic in Colorado. It’s all part and parcel of the Great British Double Standards.

Great British double standards mean that if you’re a supporter of…

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Originally posted on An Sionnach Fionn:

While most eyes and ears were focused on the headline-grabbing announcements in the November budgetary review by the UK’s aristocratic finance minister, George Osborne, more seasoned observers were analysing the lesser discussed passages in the chancellor’s financial plans for 2016. Thanks to the diligence of Plaid Cyrmu and other interested parties it quickly emerged that the hereditary indifference or antipathy amongst Britain’s metropolitan elites to the indigenous Celtic languages of the island was once again being reflected in aspects of government policy towards the peoples of Wales and Scotland.

The Daily Post carries news of deeper reductions in the budget of the formerly independent Sianel Pedwar Cymru or S4C, the sole public service television channel broadcasting entirely in Welsh, which the Tories have been transferring to the financial control of its anglophone competitor, the dominant BBC, since 2010

“Welsh language campaigners Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg have accused the UK Government of “telling lies” after it announced a 26% cut in its grant to the Welsh language channel despite a manifesto…

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A fatal fart bomb in a trance

Source: A fatal fart bomb in a trance

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:

We live in a country where policy is decided on the basis of appearance and not substance. In UK politics it’s not the Christmas present that’s important it’s the shininess of the wrapping on the big boxes under the tree. Only they contain nothing but air that’s been warmed up by a passage through the bowels of a spin doctor. The Christmas spirit is nowhere to be seen, lost in the fog of farts.

This week we’ve witnessed more examples of big shiny boxes filled with farts. The first was the UK government’s surprise U-turn on tax credits, a move made not out of any great concern for the ill effects of austerity cuts on the low paid, but rather an attempt to wrong foot the Labour party. While it’s a good thing that the income of the lowest paid isn’t going to suffer a swingeing cut – at least…

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Originally posted on ShaunyNews - More Love, Less hate, will make our World better:

This was the message the No vote carried. #RacismThis was the message the No vote carried. #Racism #Sectarianism #Hate

I remember sitting at around 8pm hours before the Polls closed when Kay Burley from Sky News asked an ‘SNP politician at a hall in Glasgow “How do you feel now that you lost” The SNP Politician asked back “How do you know this, the polls are open for a few hours yet” So it was strange for sure. Below I have 3 different reactions. The hate, the hope and the fear. I say again ‘Hope over fear’ In 2016 we have a chance to free Scotland from Westminster by filling Holyrood with Nationalist’s. People who don’t hate, people who have REAL RATIONAL reasons for wanting Whitehall separation. As we are 6 Months away from the 2 vote’s Scottish Elections we must look back, look at the lies, the anger, the hate, the sorrow, looking at our kids and fearing…

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Source: Remembering the appearance of things

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