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From the Province of the Cat #36 – The Readiness Is All.

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by George Gunn

The disappointment, sadness and downright anger felt by the 16 to 17 year old, first time voters at the result of last September’s independence referendum was palpable. Those of us of an older vintage, whilst equally disappointed, could at least temper our broken dream on the forge of experience. The rigged devolution referendum of 1979, the election of Margaret Thatcher the same year, the Falklands War, the 84-85 Miners Strike and the introduction of the Poll Tax in Scotland has hardened our political skins and September 2014 was one more scar. For us the past referendum was yet another defeat but it is also another dreaming step closer to the independent Scotland all of us who lived through those tragic social and political episodes of the 1970’s, 80’ and 90’s see as essential.

Imagine then how the 16 and 17 year olds must feel now that Lord…

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Gold Dust

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“You may write me down in history,
With your bitter twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I rise”
– Maya Angelou

Relentless poll evidence shows that hopes of anyone going back in any box now seem very remote indeed.

As the polls suggest the SNP could win as many as 55 of Scotland’s 59 seats, up from six at present, across the land you can hear the sound of the penny dropping as if cast down a long dark well.

James Kelly writes of theloss of Jim Murphy’s security blanket  and, in feverish tones Alex Massie writes of the “End of Britain”:

“…a good proportion of English Tories would accept a notional bargain in which Scottish independence was the price of levering the rump UK out of the EU. That leaves Scottish unionists, especially right-of-centre unionists, as the forlorn last-believers…

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Vote SNP, get Dettol.

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Ed Balls was in Edinburgh yesterday and together with Mr Hi Jumpy AKA Jim Smugurphy visited an engineering factory in Glasgow. The visit was mainly notable for its absence of anything of note, and as such was a perfect metaphor for the Labour party in Scotland. I’ve never been entirely clear why politicians visit factories, it’s just one of the traditional things that they do. It’s the only traditional thing that they have left when out on the campaign trail, now that they can’t kiss babies in case they get mistaken for a 1970s BBC radio presenter.

Perhaps Jim and Ed, who’d changed his surname to Baws in an effort to blend in with the Glaswegian ambience, were visiting the factory in order to see what real jobs looked like since neither of them have ever had a proper job outside politics. Ed Baws wants to be the next chancellor…

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Tax-Dodging is Theft

Tax-Dodging is Theft.

The Rules are Just Not the Same for Everyone.

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