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Warning: Bad language and sectarian bigotry. 


James Dornan, MSP for Cathcart got this in his email.

He’s reported it to the police.

I hope anyone else who gets one does the same.

It’s being done in the name of Protestantism.

I’m not a religious believer of any sort but I’m pretty certain that there’s not a word in the Bible about doing this…

Not to Catholics. Not to Irish. Not to Muslims. Not even to SNP supporters.

The person or people who came up with this are sick. They’re an insult to the church they purport to represent. We all know that. But this is exactly the kind of thing that will excite some low life… you know, the kind that goes to the football for the drinking and the fighting, and knows sod all about the game.

They really need to be stopped. This is not the kind of Scotland I…

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The Betrayal of the Most British of the British,by the British.

Barrhead Boy

An exclusive LBC poll has found more voters in England say delivering Brexit is a greater priority than keeping Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.

This, of course, was a poll carried out in the catchment area of this particular English radio station.

What it highlights is what a lot of us have known most, if not all of our lives, the English actually do not value the Union in the same way as the Protestant Loyalists in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

These people have given their entire life in devotion to Queen country and Britannia, and now when the chance comes to reciprocate that unswerving loyalty to the Queen of England and the political construct of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the senior partner, England says actually if we can get our xenophobic Brexit deal by stabbing you Paddy’s in the back, so…

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AggregateIQ, The Brexit Mystery Behind The Vote Leave Campaign And The DUP


As expected, the scandal involving the UK data-mining company, Cambridge Analytica, has moved on to its unofficial Canadian affiliate, AggregateIQ. This obscure, low profile firm in the provincial town of Victoria, British Colombia, played a surprisingly active role in the United Kingdom’s 2016 referendum on its continued membership of the European Union. Among its notable operations was an expensive advertising blitz in London and several other cities on behalf of the so-called Leave side, contracted by the rabidly anti-EU Democratic Unionist Party. The funding for that campaign was channelled through the DUP by the Constitutional Research Council, a mysterious right-wing body in Britain. However where the CRC sourced that “dark money” remains unknown thanks to the legislative intervention of the ruling Conservative Party government, at the insistence of their parliamentary allies, the Democratic Unionists.

As the Observer (Guardian) newspaper explains:

Cambridge Analytica has undisclosed links to the Canadian…

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The Rhetoric Of Victimisation Powering Brexit, Trump And The DUP


One of the primary motivations behind the United Kingdom’s divisive Brexit referendum of 2016 was the widely shared sense of victimhood filling the minds of British voters in the years leading up to the plebiscite. Throughout the campaign and in the decades previous to it, the country’s Eurosceptic lobby had crafted the legend of a Great Britain brought low through the machinations of bean-counting bureaucrats and greasy-palmed politicians in Europe. Raised on the imperial myth of British exceptionalism, a majority of the electorate found itself susceptible to the resentment-filled rhetoric of the Brexiteers, harking to the claim that the continental nations had succeeded where Napoleon’s France and Hitler’s Germany had failed, snatching away the freedom and independence of the British (or rather, the English) people through emasculating treaties and agreements.

Only by unshackling itself from the European Union, so went the logic, could the UK return to its rightful place…

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Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Propaganda, Bribery And Prostitutes


A fantastic investigation by Channel 4 News in the United Kingdom, exposing the clandestine activities of Cambridge Analytica, the controversial British data-mining firm. In the clip below, representatives of the company boast of operating “in the shadows”, working for their clients with former members of the UK intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6, gathering information while spreading misinformation and black propaganda (something Britain’s officials and spies have proved rather adapt at). At a later date they discuss the use of deniable front organisations and associates, the entrapment and blackmail of politicians, and the use of “Ukrainian” sex workers to achieve their objectives. The report follows hard on the heels of a related exposé by the Guardian (Observer) newspaper over the weekend.

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It seems to me that the  BBC is trying to make Jeremy Corbyn look like a Russian spy, just because he doesn’t accept, without question, Theresa May’s explanations for the poisoning in England. Was the hat blurred by photoshop (or something) to look more Russian? Or is the BBC still not very good with cameras and pictures and televisual stuff when it puts a photograph onto a backdrop of Red Square?

Now me, I haven’t got a clue who is responsible for this outrage on the streets of a quiet Engish town, and I really have no opinion.

How could I?

I know nothing about nerve agents, who has them, who can get them, where they are stored, how dangerous they are, what are the effects, how long they last, etc. I know nothing about the victims’ relationships with Putin or the Russian state. I know next to nothing about…

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Russian Roulette.

Barrhead Boy

The only thing more nauseating than Tory MPs, MSPs, Councillors, Journos and cheerleaders are English sport pundits.

I watched my local team Barcelona dismantle the English Premier League reigning champions last night, it was achieved easily and in a most comprehensive manner.

Prior to the game the pundits were of course telling themselves and the viewers just how Chelsea would operate to ensure victory for the English team.

I didn’t watch the post-match discussion though I expect I could accurately guess if not the actual words used, the gist of that discussion.

Barcelona didn’t actually win because they are superior in every department, it was Chelsea that had an off night if they had been playing like true English Champions these Johnny Foreigner types would not have been victorious.

This, of course, ignores the fact that the Chelsea team is owned by a Russian, managed by an Italian and the…

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