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Stopping the DWP Death Machine

Butterfly Rebellion

Ken Loach has blown the lid clean off the Department of Work and Pensions’ dirty operation. Hints of the scale of the weaponisation of benefits sanctions by the DWP have been surfacing periodically and doing the rounds on social media, but not until the release of Loach’s I, Daniel Blake has the mainstream media taken this problem, that it has heretofore dismissed as rumours and hearsay, seriously. Now that the cat is out the bag the hacks of the polite centre-left can drop their customary fetors of self-censorship and career-minded diplomacy to become the darlings of the online social justice set with their disgustingly cynical viral tweets of outrage and ersatz compassion.

We won’t beat about the bush; Benefits sanctions – targeting the most defenceless and vulnerable people in the country – have been, since their inception, a premeditated and vindictive calculated assault on the working class as a whole…

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Gaining a mandate

According to some press reports circulating on Thursday, Theresa May’s government doesn’t believe that there’s a mandate for a second Scottish independence referendum. That’…

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Gaining a mandate

Wee Ginger Dug

According to some press reports circulating on Thursday, Theresa May’s government doesn’t believe that there’s a mandate for a second Scottish independence referendum. That’s the government that has no mandate whatsoever for grammar schools, but is pressing ahead with them anyway. That’s the government that has decided that the referendum vote to leave the EU gave it a mandate to define what sort of exit it wanted, and it’s decided on the most brutal, the most right wing, and the most destructive and xenophobic Brexit possible. If you look up the word hypocrite in a dictionary, you’ll see it defined as Theresa May.

The SNP have a very clear mandate to press ahead with a second independence referendum. It was stated in black and white in their manifesto just a few months ago that they hoped to be re-elected as the Scottish government on the basis of, amongst other things…

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The most powerful devolved parliament in the world. So that’s OK then.

Wee Ginger Dug

Scotland has the most powerful devolved parliament in the world, is the proud boast of the Unionist parties as they try to persuade Scotland that they fulfilled their promises to give the Scottish parliament meaningful extra powers. And it’s true that with a couple of minor caveats and quibbles, Scotland is indeed the proud owner of the most powerful devolved parliament in the world.

Of course one of the quibbles is in the word devolved. There are self-governing territories quite close to home which have considerably more powerful parliaments than Scotland does. The British crown dependencies of the Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey are independent in most respects. In fact they have what many in Scotland defined as devo max, control over everything except foreign affairs and defence. The British crown territories of Bermuda, Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, St Helena, Montserrat, the British Virgin Islands, the Turks and Caicos…

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Scottish Government to adopt Tory Policy.

Auld Acquaintance

On the eve of the SNP conference the startling revelation that the Scottish Government is ready to apply key Tory policies has been made by a trusted authoritative source.
The senior insider has relayed the startling revelation ” Despite serious attempts to engage positively with Theresa Mays government we have been rebuffed at every avenue and this has left Nicola Sturgeon with no option but to call for a fresh Scottish referendum”

He went on to say that he expected the referendum to be called for no later than the Autumn of 2018.
He reports the following Major changes have been considered and will be made to the referendum procedures and to who is allowed to vote in it.

The Scottish Parliament will take full oversight of the referendum with the EU invited to send representatives to ensure proper procedures are followed.
Major changes will be made on the right…

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Tories accused of hypocrisy as major party donor revealed to employ Polish workers

Pride's Purge


A few days ago, Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced she would be “flushing out” and “naming and shaming” companies which employed EU migrant workers instead of British workers.

A good start for Rudd might be to look no further than one of the Tory Party’s biggest corporate donors – JCB – which has been advertising in Poland to employ hundreds of Polish workers at its plants in Staffordshire and elsewhere:


Could this be the real reason why the Tories have just announced a hurried u-turn on revealing the identities of the “guilty” companies?

Surely not ….

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A jam of its own creation

Isn’t Brexit great? It’s creating loads of job opportunities for Britain’s young people. Now your kids can aspire to do all those minimum wage backbreaking unskilled agricultural …

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