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The next battle for Scotland

The next battle for Scotland.

The next battle for Scotland

A wee Sovereign Scot

War the battle for Scotland JPEG

Don’t be fooled by the noise that’s been coming from Westminster. They talk about the Smith Commission as if it’s the way to get the Scots back in their box.  This “throw them a bone” politics is as far as Westminster is prepared to go without being pushed. What you are in fact seeing is a single battle – the taking of hill number 436 if you like in a greater war about the ultimate control of Scotland and its resources and a way to silence the “troublesome Scots” for another generation.

A panicked mistake was made by three party leaders in an underhanded attempt at preventing Scotland from voting yes, in doing so they, with the help of Gordon Brown and the Labour allied newspaper “The Daily Record” made promises they had no intention of keeping.  In other words they constructed a lie not a vow.  And let’s not…

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Mr Hi Jumpy and the high jump

Mr Hi Jumpy and the high jump.

The Messenger

The Messenger.

The Messenger

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law.

Murphy’s Law

Running down Shettleston Road naked with a red rose up my bum

Wee Ginger Dug

I’ve come over all Labour party this week, scabby, lazy, and only interested in my own comfort.  I’ve got an excuse – my psoriasis has flared up again – but the Labour party’s condition is terminal.  I decided we need to make labourparty a word – it describes self-absorbed selfish people who only do what suits themselves but who hypocritically make out that what suits them just so happens to be in the interests of everyone else and we ought to be grateful to them.  But then I remembered there’s already a word for that – and that word is jimmurphy.

I’ve been asked to do some public speaking and campaigning during the run up to the General Election.  A friend who’s involved with the SNP branch in Glasgow East has asked me to give a few speeches in support of their candidate – who has yet to be selected. …

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Climate change denier Matt Ridley is a failed banker, not a climate scientist

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!) 

Rupert Murdoch’s favourite climate change denier, Times columnist Matt Ridley, is not a climate scientist.

He’s a failed banker,

Before he reinvented himself as a supposed expert on climate change, the old Etonian, Tory peer was the hereditary* head of Northern Rock bank.

As its chairman – Ridley tapped the UK taxpayer for an unbelievable £27 billion in bailout money.

But despite Ridley getting £27 billion, his bank still failed and had to be nationalised anyway.

You’d think the anti-climate change establishment would have found someone a bit more convincing to persuade us against global warming.

Perhaps they thought we’d forgotten all about his past-life as a failed banker?


Unfortunately this failed banker’s influencing government policy too:

Paterson refuses top Scientists’ briefings on Climate Change: where does he get his views from?


* Hereditary because when it comes to picking leaders, it seems UK banks have…

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Macdonell’s Failed Smear Story

Macdonell’s Failed Smear Story.

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