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Black armbands, glue, and sleepless nights

Black armbands, glue, and sleepless nights.

Black armbands, glue, and sleepless nights

Wee Ginger Dug

The Unionist party leaderships have the attitudes to Scotland which are typical of the less enlightened tourist to furren pairts. Nice country, shame about the locals. If only they could just drop all that silly nonsense and vote like England does, then everything would be just fine. This is the closest thing that the Labour leadership has to principles, and with this principle in mind, Labour has a plan to win the General Election and stem the haemorrhaging loss of redness to the SNP.

The plan is not a very good plan. It is in fact a rubbish plan. It is actually a plan that makes any reasonable person guffaw in derision. But then it’s a plan that was most likely devised by John McTernan and Blair McDougall and approved by Jim Murphy, so what did you expect exactly? It is however all they’ve got. For once the plan doesn’t…

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Towards the ‘Wing and a Prayer’ Parliament?

Towards the ‘Wing and a Prayer’ Parliament?.

Towards the ‘Wing and a Prayer’ Parliament?


Hold the front page – “Labour rule out coalition with the SNP” – even though nobody ever thought for a minute that one would have happened! Besides, we in the SNP described it as highly unlikely anyway. In the increasingly silly debate about who is ‘getting into bed with whom’, it is getting increasingly difficult to determine what exactly is going to happen in the next Parliament. If you listened only to the more siren voices, you would think we were heading for a Parliament which would operate on nothing more than a wing and a prayer.

In the world of hung Parliaments there is a sliding scale of ‘arrangements’ starting with a full blown coalition like the one currently in place between the Conservatives and Liberals (the one that is now ruled out). Next in line there is ‘confidence and supply’- a negotiated deal for the duration of the…

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Denigration and Spite

Denigration and Spite.

Total Eclipse Of Douglas Alexander

Total Eclipse Of Douglas Alexander.

Total Eclipse Of Douglas Alexander

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