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The only realistic choice

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The only realistic choice

Wee Ginger Dug

This one is easy. For May’s local government elections there’s been all sorts of discussion and the banging of heads off brick walls in an attempt to explain the simplest tactical voting strategy to reduce the number of DTBs who get elected. That’s Durrty Tory Basterts, in case you were wondering that’s the real name of the Conservatives. The relative merits and demerits of ranking the rank smelly party last in a vote until you boke tactic versus not ranking them at all have been debated ad nauseum, or more accurately, ad bokeum. There’s been a lot of disagreement, but we all agree on the basic principle – that we want as few DTBs elected as possible. The disagreement is purely about how best to achieve that.

However Theresa May’s Erdogan election is conducted under the stone age first past the post system, and the best tactical voting strategy to…

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Things that happen when you go to London

Wee Ginger Dug

gingershardBack from London now, where I was doing a talk for the London branch of the SNP. The talk went really well, I met some lovely people, and Ginger – as you can see – was resolutely unimpressed by a famous London landmark. That’s a photie of the Shard, in case you were wondering. I was only away a couple of days, and it’s a holiday week, but there have still been a couple of interesting developments.

Firstly, the Unionists’ favourite provider of graphs did a radio debate with a proper economist. The one whom you cannot mention in case he appears, somewhat like Betelgeuse, appeared on BBC radio Scotland debating with Prof. Richard Murphy. The Unionists’ favourite graph drawer didn’t come across well, snidey, sneery, and arrogantly trying to patronise someone who very clearly knew a great deal more about the topic at hand than he did. Which only…

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The Al Capone of Europe

Source: The Al Capone of Europe

The Al Capone of Europe

Wee Ginger Dug

Well that didn’t take long did it. The Spanish veto threats have been turned 180 degrees from what the Unionist politicians and their media supporters have been telling us for years, while those of us who were saying what was really going to happen were ignored and sidelined. This blog has been saying for years that Spain would not veto the membership of the EU of an independent Scotland, something that the Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis, confirmed this weekend. Asked if Spain would veto the EU application of an independent Scotland, Dastis categorically replied, “No, we wouldn’t.” To which this blog can only say, “Told you so. Told you so. Told you. Told you. Told you so.”

The real Spanish veto is the veto that Spain now wields over any UK Brexit deal that includes Gibraltar. It’s not Scotland that has anything to fear from Spain, it’s the Tory…

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Vote nude erection

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Off the Brexit cliff

Wee Ginger Dug

The Tories and their little helpers in the Labour party in Scotland have shown themselves in their true colours. The Tories with their arrogant contempt for democracy and refusal to accept votes which don’t go their way, and a Labour which is so blinded by its tribal hatred of the SNP that it’s acting as an enabler for the very sort of nationalism that it claims to oppose. Theresa May has pushed us all off the Brexit cliff, and Scottish Tory after Scottish Tory has lined up to push Scotland off along with the rest of the country and together with Labour they’re taking a knife to our parachute. Make no mistake, this is a direct assault on Scottish democracy. This is an attempt by Westminster’s little helpers to ensure that Scotland cannot have a say, cannot have a voice, cannot have a choice in its future. And it must…

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