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Artists for Independence?

Better Together the Answers

Since I have been following the debate Better Together have a mantra of just saying the YES Campaign can’t answer the questions even when they do. Of course this approach is about seeding doubt and fear, and to make the YES Campaign look stupid, as well as, not having the answers. I started my little search for answers with Blair McDougalls podcast on the BBC in February of this year, and yes it was hard going.

First thing first he never really answered any questions, at all. The mantra appeared to be that it was up to the Scottish Government to answer all the questions, that the UK Government should not enter into any pre-vote negotiations, that the answers on the EU were clear (yeah ok). He stated that cuts to welfare are being used to pitch Scotland against the other parts of the UK without answering the question about…

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What’s the Story?

What’s the Story?.


A Thousand Flowers


It’s here at last! After 9 long months of speculation, we finally have an answer to that burning question.  Kate’s given birth and it’s a….baby!!


If you think its unfair to call an individual not yet a day old a wanker, then consider this – this greeting, squashed faced wee creature is already the 4th most powerful person in the land.  It will be paid to do whatever it likes at our expense for its entire life.  Is that fair?  Is it fuck.

The media have been camped outside the hospital for weeks, just yesterday complaining that they were “starting” to run out of things to say. The bizarre modern spectre of rolling news media joined the same press who chased the brat’s granny to her death attempting to snap a few pictures for their hastily abandoned “Queen of Harlots kisses brown man” centrefold, but we digress. Having no actual…

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We Teach Life, Sir

We Teach Life, Sir.

Power in the Darkness

Power in the Darkness.

Unelected Head of State

Unelected Head of State.

Feeling UK:OK? They’ve Just Sold Our Blood Supply

Feeling UK:OK? They’ve Just Sold Our Blood Supply.

For A’ That – Royal Baby Special

For A’ That – Royal Baby Special.

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