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From the province of the Cat #33 – Me and My Monkey

From the province of the Cat #33 – Me and My Monkey.

From the province of the Cat #33 – Me and My Monkey

Royal Riddy: Marines Given “Freedom of Glasgow”

Royal Riddy: Marines Given “Freedom of Glasgow”.

Royal Riddy: Marines Given “Freedom of Glasgow”

A Thousand Flowers

gsqmarinesA sinister seasonal mash-up will hit Glasgow tomorrow as Halloween horror combines with posturing Poppymania. In a very literal sense, our streets are set to be given over to one of the four component parts of the British Armed Forces, with a ceremony seeing the Royal Marines granted the city’s highest honour, the “freedom of Glasgow”.

This follows a decision made by Glasgow’s Labour council in May 2013 to honour the Marine Corps, currently celebrating their 350th anniversary, and “the dedication and sacrifices it continues to make to protect the interests of the United Kingdom.”

Hundreds of commandos will descend on George Square on Saturday morning and then, to celebrate their new status, they will stage an armed march through the city’s streets with “swords drawn and bayonets fixed”. As is now customary on such occasions, George Square itself will be turned into a glorified military recruitment fair, with a family fun…

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scot2.scot gets ready to launch

scot2.scot gets ready to launch.

scot2.scot gets ready to launch

Wee Ginger Dug

We live in a country where the people voted to continue to be ruled by a parliament in London.

Okay, the majority wasn’t very large but it gave the parliament in London the green light to “get ahead” and consider that the “Scots” had been put back in their box.

They didn’t figure on the Labour party in Scotland imploding in the way it did.

That parliament in London is a very one sided affair and Scotland only have 59 MP’s sitting in a parliament of 650 MP’s. Right now, 40 of those Scottish MP’s are made up of Labour people. Labour is a UK party and as we’ve seen over the last few days, the Scottish branch of that party is run for the benefit of those who make up the bulk of the party and owe their allegiance to Westminster first before any consideration of Scotland, if…

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