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What is clear

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What is clear

Wee Ginger Dug

The infighting in the White House is extremely amusing. Petulantly tweeting that you’re a “very stable genius” is a pretty good indicator that you’re no such thing. And then when you tweet “my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart”, you’re coming across as a teenage Valley Girl upset because her parents have taken away her mobile phone. This is after all the man who’s response to Kim Jong-un’s nuclear threats was to tweet that his nuclear button was bigger than Kim’s nuclear button. Although the truth is that his button isn’t any bigger, it’s just that his hands are really tiny.

Most of the planet is hugely entertained by the huge falling out between Trump and Steve Bannon. It’s like Alien Vs Predator only without the social graces and the pleasant personalities. Meanwhile here in Scotland we have the spectacle of the meltdown of…

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Scotland’s Mafia

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Scotland’s Mafia

Grouse Beater

509.jpgBoss, do we send Tony da Bull or Prof Pennington?

The United Kingdom government has no God-given right to assume it will inherit every nation automatically at every general election.

Once you accept that maxim and hold rigidly to unionism right or wrong, you have no option but to seek out ways for the demonization of official enemies. To the right and left there is only one enemy in Scotland, the SNP. Ergo, those who vote for them or support their policies are to be side-lined or disenfranchised – a vast proportion of the electorate.

From having an empire from which it sucked great riches reduced to an essentially meaningless Commonwealth, the British Establishment hopes to hold on to what is left. By all accounts, the English would prefer to let the nations rule themselves. Caught between public opinion and the need to retain power the power elite warn us of dire things…

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An Independent Novelist

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An Independent Novelist

Grouse Beater

An occasional series on eminent Scots under-valued by the general public or forgotten.

501Frederic Lindsay (1933 – 2013)

There are any number of Scottish-born authors of detective fiction, a few full-time and very successful, but the best of them all is no longer with us, Frederic Lindsay. Not all his novels are detective thrillers but all represent literature of the highest quality rather than the best of pulp fiction. Lindsay was both highly respected by colleagues and publishers and partly ignored by the popular press.

Much of his prose leans to the poetic. There is an ebb and flow to descriptive passages that is immensely pleasing. He writes about hard working people living on the edge and fat, over-indulgent businessmen who rule the lives of those working people.


One quality had him stand out. All his adult life Lindsay was a fervent supporter of Scotland’s independence. He did his research and came to the only conclusion one can…

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