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Thick skin in a leather factory

via Thick skin in a leather factory

Thick skin in a leather factory

Wee Ginger Dug

Theresa May appeared before the House of Commons Liaison Committee this morning to speak about her Brexit plans. Committee members were keen to ask her what her Plan B was in the likely event that her deal would not attract the support of sufficient MPs in order to pass through parliament. Remember Plan Bs? There was a time when pressing politicians on their Plan B was all the rage, but that was before Brexit happened and the realisation that no one had a Plan A, least of all the Conservatives.

She was asked by a Conservative MP on the committee what she’d learned from the past two and half years. There are many accurate answers to that question. She could have said that having a Plan A before pressing the Article 50 button might, in retrospect, have been a good idea. She could have said that she now realised that…

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An Odd video to use as pro Scottish Independence (but it perfectly illustrates one of my reasons)

via An Odd video to use as pro Scottish Independence (but it perfectly illustrates one of my reasons)

An Odd video to use as pro Scottish Independence (but it perfectly illustrates one of my reasons)

Here is an English woman conversing with an English man.

The man in this video is a wonderful pianist. He does videos surprising the public with his piano playing (jazz, boogie woogie, blues) and there are lots of videos where he makes the passing punters happy, and even teaches some of them how to play a bit.

However, in this one the woman clearly just sees the hood, and has an attitude that is frankly infuriating. There she is, seemingly reading the music, but she says she isn’t, so maybe it was just for fun? He says he would like to learn how to read music (which is probably a joke as you’ll see but we have no way of knowing for sure), she tells him to go and look it up. Fair enough.

But it is all done with a very patrician and condescending attitude, she also tells him…

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Brexit Britain’s Leave And Remain Camps Are Equally Ignorant Of Ireland


Given that the political history of Ireland has been forcibly bound up with the history of England since the 12th century CE, with parts of this island serving as both the first and last overseas colonies of the English state, it is remarkable that our neighbours to the east continue to be so casually ignorant of a nation they have interfered in for some twenty-eight generations. Even supposedly sympathetic or liberal British people display an astonishing lack of knowledge about this country, resorting to false assumptions or cultural stereotyping when discussing Irish affairs. Take this recent episode of the anti-Brexit YouTube series, Three Blokes In A Pub, and the evident lack of understanding on even the most mundane of matters.

Jason J Hunter: If you look at the numbers, right. There are twenty-eight members of the European Union. We have seventy-three members of the European Parliament, democratically elected…

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Boris Johnson Plays Orange Card In Bonkers Speech To Rapturous DUP Conference


The United Kingdom’s colony on the island of Ireland, from the historical Thirty-Two Counties to the contemporary Six Counties, has long been a source of ideological succour for maverick politicians from the UK. During the long transition between the 19th and 20th centuries a veritable cavalcade of desperate reactionaries from London passed through the streets and meeting-halls of Belfast, issuing fire and brimstone speeches to the loyalist faithful, vowing to maintain the “union” against whatever electoral or military odds it faced in the hopes of furthering their own parliamentary or ministerial careers back home.

In the late 1800s Lord Randolph Churchill MP, the father of the future wartime prime minister, urged the unionist minority in Ireland to resist the “home rule” legislation demanded by the nationalist majority, believing that the “Orange card would be the one to play” if he and his Conservative Party colleagues were to gain power in…

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And Even Her Very Name!

A Wilderness of Peace

So a lot of folk in Scotland are quite angry just now, and I’m rapidly running out of patience for those who deliberately refuse to see why.

I’m going to do my best to explain why people like me are angry. Normally this would be the part where I say “I understand if you disagree, but please try to see it from our perspective.” Because in this case, I don’t think I can understand. The Phoney Union is reaching its breaking point, & the endgame for the Union is approaching close.

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Ireland’s British Apologists Become Brexit Sympathisers


One of the odder complaints emanating from those Irish writers and commentators who have devoted their professional careers to acting as apologists for British rule in Ireland, both past and present, is the claim that the country has been swept by a wave of anglophobic sentiment in response to the threatened and actual chaos created by the United Kingdom’s decision in 2016 to leave the European Union. In reality there is precious little evidence in the domestic press of any irrational animosity directed towards our crisis-prone neighbours to the east. On the contrary, the chief reaction in the news media has been one of dismay and confusion as many journalists have found themselves suddenly and uncomfortably aware of the historical weight of the Irish republican argument that we must “…break the connection with England, the never-failing source of all our political evils” in order for the nation to…

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