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A parp in a bin and clapping chagrin

A parp in a bin and clapping chagrin.

A parp in a bin and clapping chagrin

Wee Ginger Dug

Fluffy Mundell, the original Scottish political panda, was proving as evasive as the fluffy black and white variety on Wednesday as he avoided giving a straight answer to a simple question. His attempts to avoid the question were clear to anyone who listened, because Fluffy is not exactly as sharp as a pin, he’s more a parp in a bin. Paddington Mundell thinks sleight of hand means waving a roof tile, so he’s having very little success in deflecting awkward questions about his role in the infamous memo leak. He’s standing on the roof and looking like a target.

So far Fluffy has managed to avoid questions by being invisible, but he couldn’t avoid the cameras on the day of the Queens Speech, what with him being the only government MP in all of Scotland. It’s a lonely job at the Scotland Office when all he’s got are his teddy…

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Respect Is Earned

Respect Is Earned.

Respect Is Earned

A Wilderness of Peace

So here’s the Speaker of the House chastising those rascals in the SNP for showing disrespect for Parliament by applauding their Westminster leader Angus Robertson:

I’m sure your point would have been more potent if you had shown similar laldy on those other occasions where such “disrespect” was shown in the House. Perhaps we can forgive you being caught up in the emotion earlier this year, where you were roundly applauded by MPs after successfully seeing off William Hague’s petty coup:

But what about this from two months ago, where Conservative MP Charles Walker was soundly applauded by New Labour MPs?

Still, perhaps previous speakers were more stringent?

That MPs abide by pointless and ancient customs with no practical or logical purpose is one thing, but I’d at least hope for some consistency.

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Malkied by Malkie and primed by Primula

Malkied by Malkie and primed by Primula.

Malkied by Malkie and primed by Primula

Wee Ginger Dug

So Aliestair’s still there, clinging onto the face of Scottish politics like a particularly obstinate plook despite the increasingly intense squeezing of ordinary Scottish punters who are not enamoured that one of our elected representatives got his comfy well padded seat into a comfy and well padded seat on the basis of lies and smears. In Scotland the conduct of the Unionist parties, their sense of entitlement, their arrogance, their self-interestedness, was the real issue of the recent General Election, and Scotland squeezed them out of office and wiped its face with the Clearasil of electoral oblivion. One spot was out of reach, and it was only after the election that we discovered just how pustuliferous it is.

The urge to squeeze it is overwhelming, and we’re not resisting the urge. Scotland’s voters set out to clean up Scotland’s politics, only now we discover that a nasty smell remains because…

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These things happen

These things happen.

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