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Some interesting thoughts from the newspaper columnist Fintan O’Toole in The Irish Times on the radical Brexit movement in the United Kingdom and the political turbulence its rise has caused in London:

The British expect revolutions to be bloodless; the Irish don’t. But as with so much else, Brexit plays strange games with these perceptions. Objectively, by far the biggest danger of violence resulting from this half-cocked revolution is in Ireland. Thus, for example, a thousand English and Scottish police officers are currently being given special training to prepare them to be sent to Northern Ireland to keep order in the event of a no-deal Brexit. But in the rhetoric of the Brexiteers, this reality is reversed: the threat of political violence in Ireland is non-existent and anyone alluding to it is scaremongering. But they themselves are free to threaten political violence in England if Brexit is stopped. History is…

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Wee Ginger Dug

Do you know your place yet Scottish people? The media and the Tories would like you to believe that the Scottish government was slapped down by the UK Supreme Court this week. The Court struck down important parts of the Scottish Government’s EU Continuity Bill, passed with the support of all parties except the Tories, so that’s youse telt, Jocks.

Only it’s not quite as simple as that. Despite the best efforts of Adam IT’S THE LAW Tomkins and the massed ranks of apologists for the British state in the social and traditional media to claim otherwise, the court ruled that the Continuity Bill had indeed been within the competence of Holyrood. That is until the UK Government retrospectively changed the rules to ensure that it wouldn’t be. Between the time of Holyrood’s Continuity Bill being referred to the court and the judgement, Theresa May’s government passed its own bill…

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Knowing our place

Wee Ginger Dug

According to the BBC political editor Nick Watt, a senior Conservative spoke to him about his frustration at the way Brexit has been going. What this Tory grandee was specifically upset about was the amount of power and influence that Dublin has had in the Brexit negotiations. Dublin has been able to lay down the law to the UK, to insist that the UK abide by the terms of the Anglo-Irish treaty and the Good Friday Agreement, and to ensure that a backstop arrangement is put in place which prevents the UK’s exit from the EU re-imposing a hard border in Ireland. The senior Tory is not at all happy that the Irish government has the power to ensure that the consequences of Brexit are dealt with by the British, and not by the Irish. “The Irish really should know their place,” he told Nick Watt.

The lesson is clear…

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The organisers of Sunday’s so-called Brexit Betrayal March in London, chiefly the ultra-nationalist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), were expecting tens of thousands of Britons to turn up in the capital city to express their opposition to the Conservative Party government’s proposed withdrawal agreement with the European Union. Instead, the demonstration was something of a damp squid, even the normally sympathetic Daily Mail commenting that the sparsely attended event had “humiliated” the harder edge of the Leave campaign in Britain. In fact, the march was more of a self-congratulatory gathering for the country’s diverse far-right groupings, including the Instagram snappers of Generation Identity UK and the rather more traditional head-kickers of For Britain. The flags and emblems of both organisations were on prominent display throughout the rally, as were some more explicitly Neo-Nazi and Ulster loyalist symbols, and their memberships were extremely busy on social media, pushing exaggerated claims of…

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