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Stu Campbell of Wings Over Scotland is in many ways the Marmite of Scottish politics. He’s got a legion of fans, and he’s got a legion of haters. I don’t always agree with him, but what can’t be denied is that single handedly he does considerably more for the cause of Scottish media accountability than the Independent Press Standards Organisation, the BBC Trust, and the combined complaints departments of every single Scottish newspaper. Now Stu’s Wing’s account has been suspended from Twitter. The suspension was allegedly after complaints from a so-called journalist who was upset that she’d been called out on insulting inaccuracies in an article she’d written for a gutter rag that passes itself off for a newspaper, and that Stu had described to her in a Tweet as “an utter disgrace”.

Stu Campbell is rude, opinionated, loud mouthed, and often insulting, but’s he’s right about the Express. The…

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