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Wee Ginger Dug

It would be nice to win a fortune.  Not just a poxy wee quarter million on the National Lottery, if you’re going to fantasise about something which has a probability as near to zero as makes no practical difference, you’re as well to fantasise about a serious jackpot – £150 million with a superdooper Euromillions multirollover, like those jammy jammy folk from Largs.  You’re more likely to be struck by a meteorite, so you may as well indulge yourself in a decent daydream while you’re on a bus that’s stuck in traffic.

Enjoy the wee fantasy while it lasts,  rumour has it that BetterTogether are preparing a press release claiming that an independent Scotland won’t be allowed to join the Euromillions lottery.  We’ll be vetoed by number 10, and number 11 won’t pay out any prize money in sterling.  And we’ll never see any bonus balls, those are reserved for…

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