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Knowing our place

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Knowing our place

Wee Ginger Dug

According to the BBC political editor Nick Watt, a senior Conservative spoke to him about his frustration at the way Brexit has been going. What this Tory grandee was specifically upset about was the amount of power and influence that Dublin has had in the Brexit negotiations. Dublin has been able to lay down the law to the UK, to insist that the UK abide by the terms of the Anglo-Irish treaty and the Good Friday Agreement, and to ensure that a backstop arrangement is put in place which prevents the UK’s exit from the EU re-imposing a hard border in Ireland. The senior Tory is not at all happy that the Irish government has the power to ensure that the consequences of Brexit are dealt with by the British, and not by the Irish. “The Irish really should know their place,” he told Nick Watt.

The lesson is clear…

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UKIP’s Brexit Betrayal March In London, A Far-Right Rally By Any Other Name


The organisers of Sunday’s so-called Brexit Betrayal March in London, chiefly the ultra-nationalist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), were expecting tens of thousands of Britons to turn up in the capital city to express their opposition to the Conservative Party government’s proposed withdrawal agreement with the European Union. Instead, the demonstration was something of a damp squid, even the normally sympathetic Daily Mail commenting that the sparsely attended event had “humiliated” the harder edge of the Leave campaign in Britain. In fact, the march was more of a self-congratulatory gathering for the country’s diverse far-right groupings, including the Instagram snappers of Generation Identity UK and the rather more traditional head-kickers of For Britain. The flags and emblems of both organisations were on prominent display throughout the rally, as were some more explicitly Neo-Nazi and Ulster loyalist symbols, and their memberships were extremely busy on social media, pushing exaggerated claims of…

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The fart of the deal

via The fart of the deal

The fart of the deal

Wee Ginger Dug

Today, Thursday, there was a cabinet meeting that the cabinet office assured Sky News wasn’t a cabinet meeting. There was the usual carcrash of Conservatives pitching up at Number 10. Liam Fox was there, looming like bit player actor auditioning for the part of Lurch in the Addams Family. Andrea Leadsom showed up, grinning from ear to ear, which is either because she’s realised that had she not lost the Tory leadership contest to Theresa May it could have been her neck that was on the line, or possibly because she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. With Andrea it’s more usually the latter. Michael Gove appeared, looking terribly smug and pleased with himself. Although to be honest that’s how he always looks so it didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know.

One who didn’t turn up was David Mundell. Or to give him his full title…

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Reading a Troll’s Playbook

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

ONLINE TROLLS HAVE BECOME a ubiquitous feature of the internet. Social media has become the playground of the greater part of the global online community. This is where an increasing number of people gather to interact with family and friends from the comfort of their homes and mobile devices. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have, as a consequence, become the hi-tech marketplace of ideas, it is where millions of people get their news and political analysis, and it is where they share their own political views and opinions. Once upon a time, after sharing something about Scottish politics, a friend informed me that “Facebook was not the place for politics.” Maybe she was right – way back when, but that is no longer the case. Social media has become the largest real-time political hub in history. So, it makes perfect sense that this has become…

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The myth of the Union

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The myth of the Union

Wee Ginger Dug

As the UK lurches towards a Common vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, and it becomes ever more obvious that no route out of the Brexmess enjoys the support of a majority of MPs, the entire future of the UK and everyone in it is being held hostage. British politics are in disarray.

Brexit is driven by xenophobia, by fear of the foreign, by nostalgia for a lost empire, by the burning resentment that England, and it’s always England, has limits placed on its absolute power by Europeans. Brexit dresses itself up in a Union fleg, it preens and poses as the restoration of the full sovereignty of Westminster, while really being used by the right wing of the Tory party to aggrandise the power of the executive over Parliament. Brexit calls itself a British project, but it’s being used to put the hems on the powers of the devolved…

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!!!!!!!!0Let’s see if I can get this right.

The Daily Mail told us that Brexit was a good idea. It even seemed to go along with the notion that we should get £350 million a week for our health service. This picture was taken from the Mail.

Image result for brexit bus, daily mailSo with all that extra money that we will have to spend as of the 29th of March, why on earth would we need to have volunteers. Surely we will be able to pay people to work in the NHS.

If we get volunteers to do all the work, what will be done with the £350 million a week that is coming as what Mrs May calls the Brexit bonus? I mean there are only so many royal palaces we can do up, and we’ve already set aside the money for Buck House and the Palace of Westminster so that our royals and…

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Thick skin in a leather factory

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