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Let’s face it. We really must be a nonentity. We have no identity, and all of things we thought were important milestones for our country, that we didn’t hear about in history at school (because we were too busy hearing about the Normans, Henry the 8th’s 16th century supply of ye olde viagra and his axe grinding fetish, the horrendous slaughter of the First World War, and Winston Churchill) turned out to be untrue. or mainly just minor non-events.

The latest revelation from the unionist media, falling over themselves to tell us, now that there’s a new fillum coming oot, that apparently Robert Bruce, who I always thought had a bit of a French background but was fae roon aboot Ayrshire (I think I read that somewhere) actually was an Essex boy, and was famed for opening restaurants in every city, town or hamlet his forces captured, a man with…

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