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Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Samuel Miller

From the lack of serious Scottish political news out there you’d be forgiven for thinking that bugger all is happening. Not to mention you may be feeling a bit frustrated, anxious or downright borderline paranoid. Perhaps worth remembering, that one way or another this is going to be a fairly important year for Scotland’s population. There is a lot going on in political and legal circles people aren’t normally privy to and won’t necessarily understand the necessity of, (there always is). It’s also WHY we have a political class. They are there to administer and manage the process/procedures of government. They are there to deal with and within these legalities, adhere to their mandated pledges, and work in the best interests of the population in their care. That is to say, a duty of care without fear or favour. The REAL day…

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