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Down in the oozing magma

Wee Ginger Dug

Sometimes you wonder when the declining reputation of the British state is going to hit bedrock, but that implies that there’s some solid base to the British establishment. Then you realise that it went through the bedrock quite a long time ago and is now deep down there somewhere swimming in the oozing magma with no idea which way is up. Down in the very core of the planet there are radioactive heavy elements with half-lives measured in nano-seconds. Even they’re more stable than anything that the leadership of British political parties can come up with. They’re probably less harmful to your health too.

American politics has been likened to a swamp. Here in the UK we’re envious of the solid earth of a swamp. The worst thing in an American swamp is an alligator. We’ve got Jacob Rees Mogg, who predates alligators on an evolutionary scale by some 100…

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