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Fear of foreign

Wee Ginger Dug

For the past few days there have been Scottish Unionists on social media congratulating themselves that with their No vote in 2014, Scotland resisted the evil tide that has unleashed the evils of right wing populism and washed up the flotsam of Brexit and the Trump presidency. They’re deluding themselves. The No vote in 2014 was the first victory of that right wing, xenophobic and fearful populism. The No vote was secured on a fear mongering campaign, a campaign of demonisation, of stirring up hatred and preaching odium.

It wasn’t the Yes campaign which spent 2014 stirring up fear of foreigners. It was the Better Together campaign which produced posters and leaflets warning Scots that if we voted for independence our English relatives would become foreigners to us. You’re only going to do that if deep down you believe, or you cynically want others to believe, that being foreign is…

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