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Butterfly Rebellion

Ken Loach has blown the lid clean off the Department of Work and Pensions’ dirty operation. Hints of the scale of the weaponisation of benefits sanctions by the DWP have been surfacing periodically and doing the rounds on social media, but not until the release of Loach’s I, Daniel Blake has the mainstream media taken this problem, that it has heretofore dismissed as rumours and hearsay, seriously. Now that the cat is out the bag the hacks of the polite centre-left can drop their customary fetors of self-censorship and career-minded diplomacy to become the darlings of the online social justice set with their disgustingly cynical viral tweets of outrage and ersatz compassion.

We won’t beat about the bush; Benefits sanctions – targeting the most defenceless and vulnerable people in the country – have been, since their inception, a premeditated and vindictive calculated assault on the working class as a whole…

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