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Gaining a mandate

Wee Ginger Dug

According to some press reports circulating on Thursday, Theresa May’s government doesn’t believe that there’s a mandate for a second Scottish independence referendum. That’s the government that has no mandate whatsoever for grammar schools, but is pressing ahead with them anyway. That’s the government that has decided that the referendum vote to leave the EU gave it a mandate to define what sort of exit it wanted, and it’s decided on the most brutal, the most right wing, and the most destructive and xenophobic Brexit possible. If you look up the word hypocrite in a dictionary, you’ll see it defined as Theresa May.

The SNP have a very clear mandate to press ahead with a second independence referendum. It was stated in black and white in their manifesto just a few months ago that they hoped to be re-elected as the Scottish government on the basis of, amongst other things…

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