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A jam of its own creation

Wee Ginger Dug

Isn’t Brexit great? It’s creating loads of job opportunities for Britain’s young people. Now your kids can aspire to do all those minimum wage backbreaking unskilled agricultural labouring jobs that East European migrants used to do. Isn’t that marvellous? You thought that little Katie might go into engineering, but no, her country needs her to pick the fruit for all that innovative jam instead. You know, the jam that Liam Fox’s department thinks that the French are going to need, so they’ll cave in to all of Britain’s fruitiest demands.

But it gets even better, because we’ll be having none of that pesky interference from Brussels, we can have good old fashioned racist jam with ethnic stereotypes on the label. On a personal level I’m delighted with this news, as it means I’ll be able to secure a meagre living of some sort picking raspberries, since satire in the UK…

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