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Poor Kezia. There she is, getting all ready to vote with the Tories because the Labour party hates the SNP even more, and then she gets into a bout of snarking with an SNP MSP who was slagging her off for supporting the party that’s wreaking malicious havoc on the Scottish working class communities that used to vote Labour. And she got so caught up in the snarkback that she didn’t vote with the rest of her MSPs and allowed the SNP to win. Oops.

That’s Labour in Scotland’s new autonomy for you, Kezia is so autonomous that she’s even autonomous from her own party. She’s seceded from the obligation to vote the way that she instructs her colleagues to vote. She’s now trying to lay the blame on mechanical failure, and this would be true. It’s a failure of the mechanical response of Labour to attack the SNP instead…

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