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On the anniversary of the independence referendum the leaderene of the Scottish Tories informed us that she has a vision. Ruthie’s had a dream, a bit like Martin Luther King’s but without the imagination, the humanity, or the inspiration. Some leader’s dreams are grand dreams, dreams of a better nation, dreams that inspire a people, but Ruthie’s dream is a small dream, more of a dwam really. It’s a dream of a shortbread tin wrapped in a Union fleg. Ruthie doesn’t ask for much, or more precisely, she doesn’t ask for much from the Westminster establishment. From the Scottish people she asks a great deal, she asks for us to put up and shut up and eat up whatever stale cereal we’re served, without complaint.

Ruthie is still bumming up the hauf-airsed powers of the new Scotland Act as proof that the British establishment takes Scotland seriously, even those those…

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