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Bye then Davie Cameron, he was the future once. It must be something to do with not speaking ill of the walking dead, but Davie Cameron’s last PMQ’s was remarkably free of people telling him begone, you worst prime minister in living memory. It was all terribly jolly. Tory and Labour MPs united to stand in applause, and there was us thinking that clapping in the House of Commons was a worse breach of social etiquette than pulling down your trousers and sticking your wullie in a dead pig. He was clapped out of the Commons after leaving the UK clapped out, so it was quite appropriate really.

The usual suspects, that would be Scotland’s suspiciously large contingent of Tory journalists, were shocked and appalled that SNP MPs failed to join in the Davie Cameron applauding love-in. They were more shocked and appalled than they were about Scotland being dragged…

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