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This week we discovered that the Chilcot report found Blair guilty of taking the country to war even though it was very far from being the last option. We discovered that most of the Parliamentary Labour Party are venal careerists who put their place in the Commons before the good of the country. We discovered that even the Tories think Michael Govefish is a treacherous wee sleazebucket with the morals of a mantis.

And what’s the big story this weekend? It’s the mother of all arguments between Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May over Leadsom’s comments about who has the better uterus. Because apparently the state of your reproductive organs makes all the difference to your ability to become the most reactionary right wing authoritarian Tory leader that the country has ever seen. It’s the only organised labour that they approve of.

Andrea Leadsom thinks that being a mother is so…

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