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Well that turned out to be one hell of a way of sorting out the Tory party leadership, didn’t it. Rarely in history have schoolboy spats had such serious consequences, but that’s what happens when you pick your Prime Ministers from a muddy puddle of Etonian entitlement. Now Davie has had to resign and the story of his leaving office didn’t even manage to make it as the lead story on the main evening news. That’s what you call a screw up of truly pig penis proportions.

Scotland now faces being taken out of the EU by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the tousle haired quasiclown who hopes that acting the Cicero quoting buffoon and pressing the water bulb on a comedy flower to skoosh the press with his pish will cover up for his rampant ambition. It is of course entirely possible that Boris won’t win the Tory leadership, but…

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