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Auntie Annabel Goldie, fresh from smoothing down the hair and wiping the torn faces of the new Tory MSPs with a hankie damp with spit, has opined that Nicola Sturgeon thinks having a bad hair day would be a trigger for a second independence referendum. She then went on to blame the SNP for having that terribly divisive referendum in the first place. How very dare they, upsetting the cosy Unionist consensus with their democracy and public engagement and stuff.

If Nicola had a shred of decency she’d know that some questions should never be asked, because they are deeply upsetting to middle aged and elderly middle class Conservative net curtain twitchers who’ve been used to getting things their own way for all of their entitled lives. Questions like – Why should we continue to live in a nation which is run from London for the benefit of middle aged…

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