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Davie Cameron is in denial. Scotland is gradually slipping its moorings and sailing away from the UK iceberg, but all Davie is interested in is arguing with Boris Johnson about whether it’s better to privatise the ice and sell it off as a ski resort from within or outwith the EU. Of course it’s not really about Europe at all, the real issue here is which spoiled over-privileged public schoolboy gets to be the next Prime Minister, Davie’s ex-bestie Boris or his current bestie George. If ever you suspected that British politics was nothing more than a glorified school playground spat, there’s your proof right there.

Everything else is a bit of an irrelevance, and Scotland is more irrelevant than most. After all, we don’t do Tories here, so have little contribution to make to the Davie-Boris Euro ding dong, and that is the only show in town. Scotland will…

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