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In relation to my post yesterday on the miserable record of British colonialism in Ireland, which continues to echo in the settler politics of some unionist representatives in the north-east of the country, I received several angry emails from people contesting my opinions. While some interesting points were made, which I hope to add here at a later date, there was also some unionist versions of “White Lives Matter (Too!)“. To explain; when young civil rights campaigners from the African-American communities began to draw attention to the casual killing of (primarily) black men and youths by the supposed forces of law and order in the United States under the “Black Lives Matter” banner, some conservative groups and commentators responded with a risible “White Lives Matter Too“, as if such lives were in any comparable danger. The likes of Fox News, the Drudge Report and the Breitbart News Network did much to popularise and legitimise this counter-movement of, essentially, “white nationalists“. The sight of wealthy…

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