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Wee Ginger Dug

Poor Davie Cameron, according to bool-moothed commentator Charles Moore, or should that be Chahles Mauh, writing in the Telegraph, wee Davie suffers from the dreadful social handicap of being born into the kind of wealth that the rest of us can only achieve if we’re lucky enough to win the Euromillions lottery.

Perhaps we ought to set up a new charity to assist those poor unfortunates who are forced to go to Fortnum and Mason’s for their messages, but thankfully there’s no need for a crowdfunder because if we give money we’d only be making things even worse for them. Imagine the very horror of going out for the messages and coming back with pate de fois gras, caviar, artisanal foccacia with hand pressed olives, and a litre of milk hand squeezed by a blind Italian peasant woman from the udder of an organically reared Campanian water buffalo. Us poor…

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