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Spinning an exit

Wee Ginger Dug

a guest post bySamuel Miller

Well that was quite a weekend. It had all the elements of the classic theatre. There was high drama, big headlines, betrayal, infighting, division, angst and spookily it had bugger all to do with Labour. There may also have been tears, but that would be hard to verify without satellite evidence. Aye, the story of the weekend, stealing the Labour conference’s thunder, was the resignation of one Iain Duncan Smith, now EX senior cabinet member and EX heid bummer of the DWP.

Link to the full resignation letter here: Letter

Did he jump? Was he pushed? Is it conscience, or was there a hint of internal strife over the upcoming EU referendum? The broadcast and print media are in hog heaven and have gone into IDS overdrive over the past couple of days. Now conjecture is peachy, but what is  absolutely certain is that…

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