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David Cameron is an embarrassment. It’s not just his government’s axing of the disability benefits that our multimillionaire PM claimed for his own disabled son. It’s not his toe-curling rendition of a Scawtch accent in a pathetic attempt to ingratiate himself with a Scottish audience of political cringers. It’s not even his hammy amorous episodes with porcine friends. What’s really embarrassing is the way he tried to play the underdog, and thought that voters in Scotland are so thick that we’d see the Tories our saviour from one-party statedom.

The Tories have an absolute majority in Westminster, despite the fact that less than 15% of Scottish voters support them and despite the fact that they received only 36.9% of the vote in the UK as a whole. They’re bent on ensuring that they retain a majority government in the UK, by redrawing the constituency boundaries in their favour. This is…

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