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The last ten days or so have been a bit mental for me after having, then recovering slowly from having a stroke. In that time it seems the UK has went insane. The EU Referendum has been called for the 23rd of June and has quickly established itself as the Scottish independence referendum’s mad old racist uncle that comes round once a year. David Cameron moaned about Jeremy Corbyn’s suit. Jeremy Corbyn didn’t stand with Nicola Sturgeon or Leanne Wood as he didn’t want to be seen with ‘nationalists’, and some monstrous abortion of decency called ‘Clean for the Queen‘ has been vomited into existence.

I mean look at the sheer state of this;


There’s a man that doesn’t realise the camera thinks he’s a prick smiling at the camera in the vain hope the camera doesn’t explode.

And as for this;


A man that’s never done…

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