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Brexit wrecks it

Wee Ginger Dug

The starting pistol has been fired, and we’re into a referendum campaign in which the English right which campaigned so viciously to keep Scotland a part of the UK will complain bitterly that the UK needs to leave the EU because the EU treats the UK like the UK treats Scotland. They complain that Europe ignores the UK while they ignore Scotland. The UK right wing media is preparing to rerun WW2, or at least an entire series of Dad’s Army, with front pages proclaiming that Britain must be saved using iconography that means England.

For the next four months we’ll be subjected to a barrage of made up shit from both sides. The remain campaign will mount a fear campaign that will make Scotland’s Project Fear seem like Carry On Frankenstein, while the leave campaign will make up any old nonsense that can appear in the pages of the…

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Writers of fantasy dressed up as news

Source: Writers of fantasy dressed up as news

Writers of fantasy dressed up as news

Wee Ginger Dug

Here we go again. Earlier this week the accusation surfaced for the umpteenth time that the campaign for Scottish independence is characterised by anti-English racism. The accusation was made by a notorious Twitter attention seeker and spanneroid, who occasionally poses as a journalist, in an attempt to deflect some criticisms made about an English-born fantasy author that he spends much of his online time sooking up to. Clearly, the only reason a Scottish person can have for criticising someone born in England is that they are English, even when the person doing the criticising is a well known figure on the Scottish radical left who has a proven track record in challenging discrimination, inequality and social injustice.

The author concerned already has a free pass from criticism as far as the Scottish media is concerned. She’s surrounded by a coterie of fanboys, and they are all boys, who hang on…

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Once you pop…

Mewsing Out Loud


You can’t stop – as the ad for the addictive snack with no nutritional value states. That’s how I am once I start on the Labour Party.

I made the mistake at the weekend of venting slightly and so instead of dispassionately watching them slide over the cliff edge of irrelevance with fingers scrabbling for purchase, I am now constantly irritated that they are still making the same mistakes over and over and over AND OVER again.

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A shopping trolley steered by a drunk

Source: A shopping trolley steered by a drunk

A shopping trolley steered by a drunk

Wee Ginger Dug

If you’ve been paying any attention to the reports on Cameron’s negotiations with the EU, which to be fair is a bit like asking if you think the author of B&Q’s screws, fixings and widgets catalogue ought to be nominated as the next Makar, you’ll know that the pig lover has been porked by the European Parliament. Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, has told Cameron that he can’t guarantee that the Parliament will approve any deal that the UK reaches with the EU Commission. This means that the UK could have a referendum on the deal and voters could approve it, only for the EU Parliament to throw it out and we all have to start out all over again with Nigel Farage doing one of his impressions of the cast of Dad’s Army only without the jokes.

However it’s looking increasingly less likely that voters will approve…

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Source: Jeremy Hunt – TIMELINE OF SHAME


Pride's Purge

Hunt shame timeline

In normal circumstances, openly calling for the dismantling of the NHS would usually exclude someone from being put in charge of it.

Not in Cameron’s cabinet.

In 2009 – before he became Secretary of State for Health – Jeremy Hunt co-wrote a book in which he called for the NHS to be broken up:

Top Tories call for NHS to be dismantled

Once he got the job you’d have thought Jeremy would have at least got to know something about the basics of health care, such as patient confidentiality.

Apparently not:

Jeremy Hunt ‘breached patient confidentiality’ by tweeting hospital picture

Just looking at the sheer number of scandals Jeremy Hunt has been involved in, it’s hard to understand how he’s managed to keep any position in the cabinet:

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Jibber Jabber the Butt parps some witless shizdom

Source: Jibber Jabber the Butt parps some witless shizdom

Jibber Jabber the Butt parps some witless shizdom

Wee Ginger Dug

So how big an arse is Jibber Jabber the Butt, UKIP’s sole elected representative in Scotland? Is he an immense arse, a galactic arse, or is he merely a mahoosive arse? What there can be no doubt about is that the man is an arse, because every time he makes an utterance no one is sure which end of his body has parped his witless shizdom into existence. David is such a monumendous arse that there is no room for him on our planet. He orbits far out in the distant edge of the solar system, away out beyond Uranus you can find him: Rightuphisownanus, a lifeless ball of cold fart gas remote from intelligent life.

Those scientists who discovered the warping of reality caused by gravity waves could have saved themselves a whole lot of bother if only they’d listened to David Coborn, because he warps reality every time…

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