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Fingers in a pie

Source: Fingers in a pie

Fingers in a pie

Wee Ginger Dug

The only news on Sunday was the revelation that Davey Cameron is a pie. At first it was thought that the announcement tweeted on the official account of Jeremy Corbyn that Davey Cameron is a pie was the result of hours of debate and discussion amongst members of the shadow cabinet and was the only policy position that all the assorted factions of the Labour party could all agree on. Or at least if Cameron is not actually a pie, then he’s doubtless attempted sexual congress with one at some point, which is almost the same thing.

But a moment’s reflection should have disabused even those most hopeful of the notion that the parliamentary Labour party could ever get its collective act together, because the Blairites and Brownites in the cabinet would never have conceded that Cameron could be anything but a torta. Pies are far too working class and…

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Who are the Picts? Scotlands DNA finds an answer.

Source: Who are the Picts? Scotlands DNA finds an answer.

Who are the Picts? Scotlands DNA finds an answer.

Scotland in my Heart

.A recently discovered DNA marker suggests that 10% of Scottish men are directly descended from the Picts.


Many generations of historians have puzzled over what used to be called the problem of the Picts. Where did they come from? Who were they? Why did they seem to disappear from history?

ScotlandsDNA has found a marker that strongly suggests that they did not fade from the map of our history, and that in fact the Picts are alive, well and living amongst us!

How is it possible to know this? How does the science work?

We all inherit a great deal of DNA from our parents, 6 billion letters in all, but some of it can be very informative about our deep ancestry. Fathers pass on Y chromosome DNA to their sons and fatherlines can be reliably traced back through thousands of years.

Dr Jim Wilson, Chief Scientist for ScotlandsDNA, found…

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Woman dresses sensibly in bad weather, shock, horror

Wee Ginger Dug

I have a terrible confession to make. I like to wear nice suits and am partial to tweed. That means I can’t be a proper socialist. Proper socialists like Ian Murray the sole Labour MP in Scotland wear suits that don’t fit properly and which are made from cheap polyester. Ian is such a proper socialist that he recently came in at number five in GQ magazine’s list of the worst dressed men in Britain. Ian has only got the one look, when he’s not wearing a Union Jack suit that is, the red tie and dark suit combo which is the uniform of the Labour MP. You’d think that a simple look like that would be hard to screw up from a style point of view, but Ian manages it by virtue of wearing poorly made cheap clothes that don’t fit properly and which haven’t seen an iron since…

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Pacing the carpet of lies

Wee Ginger Dug

Gordie’s been intervening for the first time again. He intervenes for the first time on a regular basis, far more regularly than he could be arsed to turn up at the House of Commons and do his job when he was the MP for Kirkcaldy. All he did regularly after he lost his job as worst UK Prime Minister for a 100 years, and he had some pretty stiff competition, was to sulk. Anyway, now that he doesn’t have a constituency to ignore, he’s got a new career as an advisor to a US based asset management company which according to reports had previously paid him £50,000 for pacing up and down the carpet and delivering one of his self-regarding speeches. Gordie saved the banks you know, but more importantly he saved his bank balance.

Here in Scotland we are hugely blessed, because we get to partake of the wit…

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A minor reshuffle in a marked deck of cards

Wee Ginger Dug

After spending the last couple of days playing hard to get with the massed ranks of the UK press, Jeremy Corbyn has finally let the world know what’s going to happen with the Labour shadow cabinet reshuffle. You might think that the rearrangement of chairs on a ship that’s sailing straight to the bottom of the electoral ocean is not an event that should occasion much in the way of emotional involvement from the rest of the world, all the more so when the bums on those seats are bums who struggle to be recognised in their own shaving mirrors, but the Blairite wing of the Labour party are as sensitive as a freshly slapped face and they’ll squeal like Cameron’s pig if they think they’re about to be slapped again.

Getting slapped is precisely what happened. Some people that no one has heard of got demoted, and a couple…

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