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Bill of goods

Source: Bill of goods

Bill of goods

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Sam Miller

Well we’re sixteen months on from the referendum and on the edge of considering Westminster’s bestest ever settlement on devolution. In fact it’s going to be quite a busy year, what with the Holyrood elections and the possibility of a looming EU referendum.

The outcome of our own referendum (and yes there were outcomes and obligations for both sides of the debate) is now upon us. How do we feel about those outcomes, those consequences? Do we believe that Better Together and HMG have delivered satisfactorily on their pledges and assurances made throughout the campaign, or that the Smith Commission served any real purpose, delivered anything worthwhile? After all, folks were promised safer pensions, more job prospects, current job security in certain sectors, especially defence contracts and finance. We were assured of economic stability, security and risk share bolstered by a united better togetherness…

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The Tony and Ken Show

Wee Ginger Dug

Despite mounting pressure, the BBC is still resisting any prospect of Scotland getting its own national channel. Due to the EU charter commitments of the UK Government to protect and foster the minority and regional languages, we’ve got BBC Alba broadcasting in Gaelic, but there’s no similar European treaty obligation to provide a national channel for Scotland in English. Since the UK government didn’t ratify chapter 3 of the treaty in respect of Scots, only chapter 2, there’s no obligation to provide a national Scots language channel either. This leaves Scotland, which we’re repeatedly told is the most devolved nation in the history of devolviness, as the only self-governing or autonomous country or territory in Europe without its own publicly owned TV channel. It’s pathetic.

The only thing more pathetic than the BBC’s treatment of Scotland is the acquiescence of certain Unionist parties and commentators in the BBC’s metropolitan dismissal…

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Fingers in a pie

Source: Fingers in a pie

Fingers in a pie

Wee Ginger Dug

The only news on Sunday was the revelation that Davey Cameron is a pie. At first it was thought that the announcement tweeted on the official account of Jeremy Corbyn that Davey Cameron is a pie was the result of hours of debate and discussion amongst members of the shadow cabinet and was the only policy position that all the assorted factions of the Labour party could all agree on. Or at least if Cameron is not actually a pie, then he’s doubtless attempted sexual congress with one at some point, which is almost the same thing.

But a moment’s reflection should have disabused even those most hopeful of the notion that the parliamentary Labour party could ever get its collective act together, because the Blairites and Brownites in the cabinet would never have conceded that Cameron could be anything but a torta. Pies are far too working class and…

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Who are the Picts? Scotlands DNA finds an answer.

Source: Who are the Picts? Scotlands DNA finds an answer.

Who are the Picts? Scotlands DNA finds an answer.

Scotland in my Heart

.A recently discovered DNA marker suggests that 10% of Scottish men are directly descended from the Picts.


Many generations of historians have puzzled over what used to be called the problem of the Picts. Where did they come from? Who were they? Why did they seem to disappear from history?

ScotlandsDNA has found a marker that strongly suggests that they did not fade from the map of our history, and that in fact the Picts are alive, well and living amongst us!

How is it possible to know this? How does the science work?

We all inherit a great deal of DNA from our parents, 6 billion letters in all, but some of it can be very informative about our deep ancestry. Fathers pass on Y chromosome DNA to their sons and fatherlines can be reliably traced back through thousands of years.

Dr Jim Wilson, Chief Scientist for ScotlandsDNA, found…

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