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Fingers in a pie

Wee Ginger Dug

The only news on Sunday was the revelation that Davey Cameron is a pie. At first it was thought that the announcement tweeted on the official account of Jeremy Corbyn that Davey Cameron is a pie was the result of hours of debate and discussion amongst members of the shadow cabinet and was the only policy position that all the assorted factions of the Labour party could all agree on. Or at least if Cameron is not actually a pie, then he’s doubtless attempted sexual congress with one at some point, which is almost the same thing.

But a moment’s reflection should have disabused even those most hopeful of the notion that the parliamentary Labour party could ever get its collective act together, because the Blairites and Brownites in the cabinet would never have conceded that Cameron could be anything but a torta. Pies are far too working class and…

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