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Pacing the carpet of lies

Wee Ginger Dug

Gordie’s been intervening for the first time again. He intervenes for the first time on a regular basis, far more regularly than he could be arsed to turn up at the House of Commons and do his job when he was the MP for Kirkcaldy. All he did regularly after he lost his job as worst UK Prime Minister for a 100 years, and he had some pretty stiff competition, was to sulk. Anyway, now that he doesn’t have a constituency to ignore, he’s got a new career as an advisor to a US based asset management company which according to reports had previously paid him £50,000 for pacing up and down the carpet and delivering one of his self-regarding speeches. Gordie saved the banks you know, but more importantly he saved his bank balance.

Here in Scotland we are hugely blessed, because we get to partake of the wit…

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