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This was the message the No vote carried. #RacismThis was the message the No vote carried. #Racism #Sectarianism #Hate

I remember sitting at around 8pm hours before the Polls closed when Kay Burley from Sky News asked an ‘SNP politician at a hall in Glasgow “How do you feel now that you lost” The SNP Politician asked back “How do you know this, the polls are open for a few hours yet” So it was strange for sure. Below I have 3 different reactions. The hate, the hope and the fear. I say again ‘Hope over fear’ In 2016 we have a chance to free Scotland from Westminster by filling Holyrood with Nationalist’s. People who don’t hate, people who have REAL RATIONAL reasons for wanting Whitehall separation. As we are 6 Months away from the 2 vote’s Scottish Elections we must look back, look at the lies, the anger, the hate, the sorrow, looking at our kids and fearing…

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