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The shine has come off the SNP, say people who’ve spent the past decade throwing mud and crap at the party in the hope that some of it might stick. The main result of this exercise has been to leave crap all over the hands of the mud throwers, and an SNP which sails on unperturbed by the ripples created by Scotland’s media pond life. Mud slinging is a dubious political tactic, consisting at base of the unconvincing and base selling point that we should vote for a unionist party because a pro-independence party is as sleazy as a unionist party.

It’s a tactic which is doomed to fail. Every time Kezia Dugdale gets up at Furst Meenister’s Questions to hurl some more dirt at the SNP, all she does is to remind us just how dirty the Labour party is now and has always been. There’s not a lot…

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