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Solidarity is not submission

Wee Ginger Dug

Jeremy Corbyn’s feet are hardly under the table and the UK media has already started a full scale onslaught on the Labour party. Democratic socialism cannot be allowed in the UK. It’s an insanity, cry those who believed in WMDs that didn’t exist and took the country to war on lies and tall tales. Madness, tut those who claim that austerity creates growth despite all the evidence to the contrary. Ridiculous, decry the voices which only believe in printing money to pay for bankers’ bonuses. Now the proper monstering has begun. The monstering before the leadership vote was announced was just the warm up act, the pet lizard to the full scale dragon. The English left is now discovering what it feels like to be a supporter of Scottish independence. The UK media asylum is roaring.

Corbyn supporters call on supporters of Scottish independence to show solidarity with them and…

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