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Jeremy Corbyn has been overwhelmingly elected as leader of the Labour party. Scotland was already skiting along on the ice road to independence, through the cold Tory winter, but Corbyn’s victory puts it on a jet ski. Independence here we come. You might think, if you were a semi-literate Labour MSP, that the Jezzajism of British politics would restore the fortunes of the Labour party in Scotland, and his victory would be the best thing to happen to that sorry branch office since John McTernan said he was flitting to Australia. Sadly, you’d be as mistaken as a McTernan, and that’s pretty mistaken indeed.

Jeremy Corbyn has given hope to thousands of people on the left in England, and in Scotland we must welcome anything that drags Labour out of its hellish cohabitation with neo-conservatism, privatisation, and the creeping criminalisation of protest. Over the past few decades, Labour has sought…

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