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Liz the Last takes the train

Wee Ginger Dug

On Wednesday the Queen of Scots took a trip on the new Borders Railway, and some elderly wummin from Windsor joined Nicola Sturgeon on the journey. The BBC has been having a collective royorgasm over the fact that an 89 year old woman with a permanently sour expression hasn’t died yet. She’s now the longest serving monarch, although why monarchs are described as “serving” is never explained. We’re the ones who do the serving. Tomorrow she’ll be an even longer self-serving monarch so presumably we’ll be betting this media monarchlimaxing again tomorrow, and every day from now on. Although to be honest, that isn’t really very different from what we’ve had to put up with over the previous 60 odd years.

Although much of the media persists in referring to her as Elizabeth II, Scotland has never had a queen Elizabeth before, so calling her the second is innumerate. But…

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