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The price of failure

Wee Ginger Dug

What’s the price of failure? If you fail in your marriage your significant other will become significant in a divorce courty sort of way. If you fail to impress in a job interview you’ll find yourself having to impress in a job centre interview. And if you’re a Westminster politician who fails at their job you’ll get handed a nice title and a made up name and very often a job for life too. The UK dishonours system is proof that British governments are the only organisms which rot from the top down.

Having wowed us with Lady McMoan and her peerage for Unionist Trolling during the independence referendum, it has now transpired that a number of political losers, has beens, and also rans are to be rewarded for their failure. The good voters of Inverness and surrounding districts might have thought that by deserting Danny Alexander en masse so…

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