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Let’s be very clear here, British democracy is a myth. It’s as much an invention as the pseudo-mediaeval pageantry of the state opening of parliament, and in fact both inventions date to the same time. British democracy is the democracy of an establishment which has never been successfully challenged, and which maintains its corpse like grasp on the sclerotic organs of state by co-opting useful idiots and spreading its virus of acquisitive greed and self-interest to those who are selfish and egoistic enough to offer up their veins to the vampires of power. Useful idiots like Michelle the Moan. She’s being rewarded for her epic trolling during the independence campaign and her services to the Caledonian cringe and filling the pages of the Daily Record with photies of a fake tan.

I did try to be fair. I sat down and carefully thought about what Michelle has achieved, and tried…

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