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A Wilderness of Peace

… You’ve just won “SNP BAD” Bingo!


  • Presenting only the “risks” and “warnings” of independence as rational and the benefits as a fantastical “left-wing utopia”: CHECK
  • Using a single policy (Corporation Tax) to “prove” the SNP aren’t really that progressive: CHECK
  • Using “separation” instead of independence: CHECK
  • Presenting a pro-independence group as an SNP front: CHECK
  • Suggesting the Scottish press & media fail to investigate & scrutinise the pro-independence side: CHECK
  • Presenting Kevin Hague as if he’s an authority on anything (who next, John McTernan?): CHECK
  • Calling the only pro-independence daily newspaper an SNP fanzine: CHECK
  • Suggesting Mhairi Black and other left-wing MPs are idiots who didn’t know what they signed up for: CHECK
  • Continuing to present the SNP as bully-boys compared to the poor meek unionists: CHECK

So there you have it, Private Eye, those fearless challengers of the UK press and establishment, toeing the establishment line on…

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