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Send in the clowns

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Ally Farquhar

Whilst the wee dug is off being spoilt in the Lanarkshire countryside and the Wordmeister is recovering from a bout of well earned Boston Baked Beans I thought it would be opportune to discuss the continuing game of snakes and ladders that is laughingly referred to as the progress of “comprehensive new powers for Scotland.”

This last couple of week’s events down in that central hub of life-force and cradle of all human existence London, are surely set to be put to music in a travelling show akin to the Lion King on Ice, or Cabinet Minister on ice (allegedly) sometime in the mid twenty-first century.

The Bullingdon lads and their disorganised, but loyal, pals across the parliamentary floor are having a field day tying plastic mice to lengths of string, sniggering and quickly pulling them just out of the reach of fifty-six strange…

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