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Wee Ginger Dug

Following from a disastrous weekend, Jim Murphy has had a manic fundilymundily. On one of his megaphonic irn bru crate assisted standabouts in Glasgow, yelling at passers by who don’t give a toss, he was met by an equally small group of independence supporters yelling at Labour politicians and activists who don’t give a toss either. And Eddie Izzard was there too, for extra glam and star appeal. Although for some bizarre reason Eddie thought that extra glam meant doing what was, to be fair, a pretty good impression of Johann Lamont. Some handbags were drawn at dawn – or at least before noon – there was allegedly a bit of shoving, there was definitely a spot of yelling, and it was the Smugurph’s egg moment all over again, this time with lipstick. Help help, Jim’s being oppressed and underdoggy. Vote for him out of sympathy.

How very dare the…

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