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Finally, someone in the UK press has recognised the shameful political scheming by the Tories (and Labour) which could give maverick ultra-nationalists from the fringes of the former empire access to the corridors of power in Britain. Owen Jones in the Guardian newspaper:

“In a desperate, scorched-earth attempt to remain in power, the unionist Tories are willing to ensure the break-up of the UK, shamelessly fanning anti-Scottish resentment in England while fuelling the SNP juggernaut. But we have had all too much scrutiny of the SNP, some of it bordering on hysteria. Where, then, is the debate about the Tories’ likely partners were David Cameron to attempt to remain in power, Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party? The idea of these bigoted throwbacks to several centuries ago holding the balance of power should surely frighten even moderate Tories, let alone the rest of us.

Let’s take Jim Wells, the DUP…

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